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Energy Conservation Options is a full-service electrical services provider focused on energy efficiency technology deployment.

Energy Project Development

Provide comprehensive energy audit outlining existing technology and opportunities for efficiency improvements. From this information, we provide a detailed business case showing the impact of each measure and the opportunity cost: IRR, Payback and energy cost savings.

Technology Specification

Provide customized plans for energy efficiency upgrades and or system repairs via high efficiency technology specifications designed to reduce energy consumption, increase system component lifecycle while dramatically reducing maintenance operations costs and improve overall quality of system output.

Electrical Installation Services

Install new lighting, controls and electrical devices to upgrade existing systems. Make necessary repairs to meet NEC code compliance associated with all retrofit technology.

Electrical Maintenance Services

Provide routine and on call maintenance services for all commercial electrical systems.


Provide customized photometric plans to support industry standards for interior and exterior lighting level requirements municipal ordinances, FDA Requirements and or safety lighting level requirements.

Time clock and Energy Management System Commissioning

Program control systems to customer preferences. Troubleshoot and retro-commission control systems to proper/desired settings.

Lighting Controls

Provide design and specification for Integrated wireless controls and wireless system control networking.

Acceptance Testing

ECO is a certified State of California Acceptance Tester. Verify occupancy, daylighting and dimming control functionality per manufacture specification and state requirements.


As a a full-service electrical services provider, we make sure to take each customer through a complete energy savings efficiency cycle.
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