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Energy Conservation Options offers the most energy efficient solutions for any type of training center lighting.


Typical Classroom: (16) Cree 2×4 Smart Cast 30w Troffer with integrated controls
Replaced: (16) Four Lamp 32w T8 w/ Non Dimmable Electronic Ballast


Classrooms, at all educational levels, often present a significant opportunity for reduction in energy and maintenance cost reduction – along with an opportunity to improve the uniformity and quality of light delivered to enhance the learning environment. Further, the vast majority of classrooms lack important functions such as dimming and daylight harvesting to ensure that the light remains at a consistent level so that the learner and educator are not distracted by lighting highs and lows that occur throughout the course of the day. The integrated networking feature of the Cree lighting system used at this project allows the end user to customize lighting levels throughout the room by adapting a single fixture, or a group of fixtures, in the space to create the ambiance best for the learning environment they wish to create. This project was launched at a medium sized High School and clearly delivers a highly improved learning environment along with incredible financial results welcomed by any school district.


kWh Savings: 243,437 kWh
Demand Savings: 88.52 kW
Lifecycle: 100,000 Hours
IRR: 34.8%
*NPV (over 20yr life): 920,410
*Simple Payback: 1.72 yrs.
*Estimated Annual Savings: $43,819

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