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Energy Conservation Options offers the most energy efficient solutions for any type of biotech laboratory lighting.


Typical Lab: (12) 2×4 40w Troffers w/Philips Easy Sense Wireless Controls
Replaced: (12) 4 Lamp 32w T8 w/Electronic Ballast


Active Research & Development lab environments most often require an uninterrupted experimental environment. The introduction of long lifecycle, high efficiency lumen output lighting devices have an extremely high value to our clients. The integrated networking feature of the Independence 100,000 hours LED 2×4 troffer lighting system, commissioned by the NFC feature of most cell phones, offers the lab environment long term reliability and sleek flexibility via Philips Easy Sense controls, which support networked occupancy controls, daylight harvesting and dimmability; allowing customize lighting levels throughout the room by adapting a single fixture, or a group of fixtures, in the space to create the ambiance best for the learning environment they wish to create. The IRR and NPV on this project makes it a “no brainer” for any firm wanting to invest in energy conservation as a priority!


kWh Savings: 97,919 kWh
Demand Savings: 22.36 kW
Lifecycle: 120,000 Hours
IRR: 35%
*NPV (over 20yr life): 332,901
*Simple Payback: 1.88 yrs.
*Estimated Annual Savings: $18,115

*Case Study financial performance information does not include client maintenance costs and incentives, which contribute to the simple payback calculation. Whereas this information has been verified for the projects demonstrated, it is variable to with project. Continued efficiency of the types of technologies listed in the case studies will result in even better financial results.

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